Monday, November 28, 2011

BLOG SALE: Milly Monday


Most of you know the following things:
1. I have great taste
2. I have EXPENSIVE taste
3. I like to sell my stuff to get more STUFF

I love very many brands Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Milly, Paige etc.

Monday: Milly
Tuesday: Kate Spade
Wednesday: Vera Bradley
Thursday: Baby Items
Friday: If I have anything else it will be posted.

Here are the rules: Final Sale, Paypal only unless you live in Richmond or Hampton Roads. If you live in Richmond I will be in town this weekend and will do the transaction then.
If you interested in Multiple items please tell me which items and lets make a deal!
What doesn't sell goes to Consignment :)
Some Facts: These have all been stored in Garment Bags(why some items are wrinkled), we do have a dog + cat, we do not smoke .
If you need more photos or have questions please email me at If your ready to purchase I can send you an invoice through paypal. THANKS :)

1. Milly Brown Size 6 $50
2. Milly Brown+Lime Halter size 8 $50
3. Milly Pink+Black sz 6 {Tags} $75
4. Milly Brown+Orange sz 6 $50
5. Milly Full Length Gown sz 2 {Tags} $100 + $5 shipping
6. Milly Multi Maxi (as seen on Paris Hilton) 
sz 6 {Tags} $100
7. Milly Multi Halter sz 6 $50
8. Milly LBD sz 6 $50

9. Milly LGD sz 6 {Tags} $75

10. Milly Multi Long Sleeves
sz6 $50
11. Milly Polka Bow Dress sz 6 $50
12. Milly LBD sz 6 $50

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