Friday, March 1, 2013

Fashion Watch

I must admit that I have been ignoring fashion for quite some time. It is incredibly hard to be a Stay at Home mom and justify spending $$$ on clothes. I am always thinking of my son or my husband but NEVER myself. I am now out of that funk and taking care of me along with everyone else. We live in the country now and with higher gas prices I have to stay put most days during the week. The point of this post was to really tell you what I discovered not to rant about me and my current lack of fashion!
JcPenny's has teamed up with Georgina Chapman of Marchesa for a new line called Pearl. I will be making a trip out to see the quality but kind of in LOVE with just about everything on the website!
LOVE!  Middle outfit come to momma!

I am loving the Long organza dress and the High-low sequin number!

The prices are just right if you are on a budget! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Crafts| Weaving

I am currently weaving my 1st project. I am unsure why I thought it was "so easy" but it's not. It is hard work and now that I am weaving it is very rewarding. My first project is a baby wrap. What is a baby wrap? It is a long piece of fabric that you use to 'carry' your baby! Here are some pictures....

Isaac wrapped in Gira Marley size 2,5m
In a Reinforced Rear Ruck Rebozo know as RRRR
Comes with the famous "Sleepy Dust"!
 Isaac in Oscha Linen in a Ruck Sack carry
Isaac looking so happy being carried

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can He Walk?
-Yes, but some places are not toddler friendly and I want to keep my child safe.
i.e. Shops with breakables, busy roads, crowded events.
2. How do you get him back there?
-Lots of practice (contact me if you need help).
3. Does he really like it?
Yes! He is either smiling and happy or asleep. 
4. If you have a question just ask in the comments!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I try to keep my blog with "light" topics, meaning I don't want to make people upset, mad or cry. I am going to get a smidge heavy, just a smidge. Lent is coming up soon, next Wednesday to be exact! I often thought what I would "give up" this season and I also thought what I would "give" as well. I am giving up my Facebook for Lent. I am needing a serious social media break. There was an article published that Facebook showed to make people depressed. I am not depressed but more annoyed and angry pretty much every time I read a status or see what is going on in a group I am in. Facebook has become an addiction for me hence why I have not been keeping up with my blogging. Ed and I are exploring business ventures so I need to focus on that and of course spending more time with my family. If you want to keep up with me, I do have a phone, email and a blog. Every Friday during Lent, I will not be on the Internet at all. I am hoping after Lent to not want to be on Facebook as much. I do realize for business and blog purposes social media is big so it is unlikely I will give it up for good. I am still thinking of what I will "give" during Lent. I will use the time between now and next Wednesday pray about what I could do.

Friday, January 11, 2013


I can't get this image out of my head

Louis Vuitton and Vintage Luggage?? YES, Please!
It has been a min since I have purchased a  LV. I have 5 pieces (not bragging just filling you in on my obsession). 
I am on the hunt for a 2 pieces of luggage. Yeah I said TWO! I want 1 hard sided luggage and 1 soft side.
Finding authentic vintage worries me because of how many fakes floating around. I may just purchase them new and monogram them and keep the FOREVA! 

What is your vintage obsession?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blogs I love

I love blogs about families, crafts, homeschooling, organizing and fashion! I usually catch up on my blogs in the morning while I have my cup of Jo! Here are a list of some of my favorites that I like to read and the links (of course)!

I will start with people I know personally! 

Linda blogs about her family and is getting into some photography so watch out!

This blog is all about her family, photography business, home design and fashion!

Claire has the most amazing healthy recipes! Check her out!

People I don't know but would like to!

These are just a few! Check everyone out :)

Picture A Day

A picture a day for 365 days

This is a little self challenge for me. I feel like 2012 flew by and I don't have nearly enough photos of my little. I feel blessed to wake up everyday and live it! I also have started obsessing about Project Life by Becky Higgins. This is a new way of scrap booking/journaling! I always wanted to get into traditional scrap booking but just didn't feel like I was creative enough to make it truly a work of art. Project life to the rescue!
I leave you with some of my favorite pictures of Ike for the past 9 days. I will try and post my favorites each week. As soon as I can order the new Project Life binder and journaling cards I will update you on my progress.

self portrait "cheese"

"chief, chief"

"feed me more"

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolutions| 2013

Here we go again

This post will look like I just copy + paste my last years post. I am so bad at following through with Resolutions. Scratch that! I am terrible at accomplishing my goals. I have all of these great ideas and I fixate on them to the point of obsession. I have not been "clinical" diagnosed with all obsessive disorder but I have anxiety and I tend to channel my anxiety into obsessing about whatever. I have decided to do this years 'Resolutions' a bit different than last year. I have purchased a sketch pad that I can carry with me and jot down all my ideas. I will have them in black and white instead of just floating in my head. Rambling.....

Resolutions| 2013

1. Actually Blog instead of thinking about it.
2. Start a Vlog
3. Decorate the Home
4. DIY projects (to save money)
5. Toddler Homeschooling
6. Take a photography class (to get my camera off auto)
7. Teach myself photoshop
8. Take more craft classes
9. Take photos everyday
10. Complete Baby book and start 2013 Project Life
11. Finish craft room/office/woman cave

Brain dump x1000!