Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolutions| 2013

Here we go again

This post will look like I just copy + paste my last years post. I am so bad at following through with Resolutions. Scratch that! I am terrible at accomplishing my goals. I have all of these great ideas and I fixate on them to the point of obsession. I have not been "clinical" diagnosed with all obsessive disorder but I have anxiety and I tend to channel my anxiety into obsessing about whatever. I have decided to do this years 'Resolutions' a bit different than last year. I have purchased a sketch pad that I can carry with me and jot down all my ideas. I will have them in black and white instead of just floating in my head. Rambling.....

Resolutions| 2013

1. Actually Blog instead of thinking about it.
2. Start a Vlog
3. Decorate the Home
4. DIY projects (to save money)
5. Toddler Homeschooling
6. Take a photography class (to get my camera off auto)
7. Teach myself photoshop
8. Take more craft classes
9. Take photos everyday
10. Complete Baby book and start 2013 Project Life
11. Finish craft room/office/woman cave

Brain dump x1000!