Friday, February 22, 2013

Crafts| Weaving

I am currently weaving my 1st project. I am unsure why I thought it was "so easy" but it's not. It is hard work and now that I am weaving it is very rewarding. My first project is a baby wrap. What is a baby wrap? It is a long piece of fabric that you use to 'carry' your baby! Here are some pictures....

Isaac wrapped in Gira Marley size 2,5m
In a Reinforced Rear Ruck Rebozo know as RRRR
Comes with the famous "Sleepy Dust"!
 Isaac in Oscha Linen in a Ruck Sack carry
Isaac looking so happy being carried

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can He Walk?
-Yes, but some places are not toddler friendly and I want to keep my child safe.
i.e. Shops with breakables, busy roads, crowded events.
2. How do you get him back there?
-Lots of practice (contact me if you need help).
3. Does he really like it?
Yes! He is either smiling and happy or asleep. 
4. If you have a question just ask in the comments!

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