Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Style with Child

I have many obsessions....

One happens to be maternity/nursing clothes. Yes I am still nursing the baby at 8 months and no I'm not stopping. Oh and No I'm not pregnant with baby #2 but I enjoy maternity fashions way more than regular clothing. One brand I am really obsessed with is Hatch by Two Birds
What I love about this brand is you can wear it pregnant or not pregnant it all looks good!
I need every single piece..really I do. 
The Cardigan

The Afternoon Dress because my morning dress will expire at noon

The Dinner Party Dress
I need this is every color and print..ok its $348.
so I will get it in black 

This is just a little taste check out the website for 14 AMAZING looks.
Hmm the 1st piece will be the cardi because it is very versatile!

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